Maximum Precision is fast becoming one of East Anglias most advanced engineering companies.

Maximum Precision was founded by Gareth Jones and James Butcher back in 2009, aged just 25 and 28 years old. With a passion for engineering behind them and a lifetime of being inquisitive into how things worked, Maximum Precision was born.

These humble beginnings have taken the business from strength to strength. Both Gareth and James have taken on a wealth of experience and knowledge over the years to take their workforce to a strong team of talented individuals with a vast range of experience across various disciplines. Everything from the use of standard and exotic materials, research and development, design for manufacture to volume production and more.

Today, we are focused entirely on our customers to provide a service that is committed, flexible and hardworking. Why? because people are truly at the heart of what Maximum Precision do. Our team allow us to push ourselves every day meaning we not only grow as individuals but as a business too.

“We believe in our team, we wanted them to learn, more often than not, they have the ability and skill to identify and act on areas for improvement. They are able to take the actions required to implement change or to resolve a problem without requiring assistance or approval from us. We wanted to create an environment where everyone felt they could express themselves without fear, somewhere that we could all understand our common goals and establish boundaries and acceptable behaviours.”

Our uncompromising commitment to maintaining the highest quality within every project allows us to deliver on time and within budget, meaning you can be guaranteed that your product exceeds your specification.

We believe in co-working and honest partnerships which is why we can build strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers.

All of us here at Maximum Precision look forward to discussing and working with you on your next project.

Vision, Values and Culture

Our mission is simple. To put people at the centre of everything we do.

Maximum Precision is all about the people we interact with. Whether it’s our clients or our team, we will always put people at the centre of everything we do. This is what makes us stand out from our competitors and this is why the way in which we communicate is so important.

As part of our visual identity, which includes our logo, colours and typography, our verbal identity plays a massive part in who we are and how we connect with the people around us.

We want to inform, encourage and share our culture with everyone we interact with by imparting our expertise with clarity, understanding and honesty.



We dedicate time to ensure we are always striving to be a pioneer in our industry. We do this through our approach, our technique and the technology we use. We will never accept just standard practices, which is why we believe we stand out from the crowd.

A collaborative approach is at the heart of our working style both internally and externally, with team members and our clients. It's in the way we work with other businesses and how we execute every project. Working with you is what we do best. We will never leave you in the dark when it comes to your project.





We make things happen for you when you need us the most. We pride ourselves on being reliable and taking ownership over what we do. Our proactive approach means we can offer a fast turnaround of even the most complex components without sacrificing on quality.

We will spend time to understand your world. We will support you as you grow and develop, we will help you achieve your goals and celebrate your successes every step of the way. We focus on making sure you and your project are supported all the way.





We admire the people we work with. From our team of engineers to our clients and everyone in between. We believe in treating everyone we work with, with the same kindness, dignity and respect that we would do our own families.

Much of our business is built on trust. We will always take ownership, act with diligence and professionalism and show that we have the confidence in who we are and who our clients are. Most importantly, we will deliver what we promise.



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