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It’s a well-known fact it can be cheaper to obtain your parts from machinists overseas. Cheaper raw material and significantly cheaper labour costs contributes to keeping costs down. Whilst your margins may be wider and profits increased, the chain of communication is often broken, resulting in quality issues for you and your customer. Can UK Precision Engineering be your answer to a more formidable supply chain?

Three reasons to partner with a UK CNC Machinist:

Small Batch Quantities

Bringing a project to life often starts with a prototype batch. A small batch to test the tolerances, functionality and concluding parts are fit for purpose. Requesting prototype batches from overseas is costly, as these machining operations are much better suited to high volume jobs. Shipping costs on small batch jobs may be just as expensive as a larger quantity!  Working with UK suppliers gives you more freedom to run with your new design and make crucial changes if necessary.


Having parts shipped to the UK produces a large carbon footprint. Whichever you way look at it, your parts will need to be shipped, whether its via air or freight, impacts to the environment and pollution levels are vast. Not only will your parts require an air or freight service, once back in the UK, you’ll need them to be couriered across to you via road transport. By choosing a British Manufacturer you will be drastically reducing your companies carbon footprint!


At Maximum Precision, we adhere to quality management system ISO 9001, as are many British Manufacturers. There is a standard of work that we must be held too. Whilst, it isn’t to say overseas quality isn’t good enough, its important to remember they may not be held to the same high-quality standard.


Working with reputable British manufacturers in your supply chain means quality parts, delivered on-time, value for money and reducing your companies carbon footprint.


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