Three reasons why you should review your current CNC supplier

If you’re encountering problems with your current CNC machinist and they haven’t been meeting your current demands, it may be time for a change. Here are 3 core factors you should regularly review in relation to your CNC machining supplier.


Poor Quality

Your supplier has very little quality control resulting in continually receiving poor quality or inadequate parts. Endless non-conformances can lead to a barrage of paperwork in-house, time wasted in your warehouse and even a production stop, causing you and your business increased costs and damage to your own customer relationships.


Unreliable Delivery

‘Your order has been delayed’. Your current supplier cannot meet your agreed delivery dates and struggle to fulfil your orders. These continuous delays impact your own production and are directly impacting your relationship with customers.


Lack of Communication

Communication is key to your supply chain running smoothly. A lack of communication from your supplier is impacting timelines in your production schedules. If you aren’t being made aware of delays or issues in-house, this will undoubtedly lead to further issues in the future and can result in missed opportunities, damaged customer relationships and loss of revenue.


Maximum Precision is entirely focused on our customers; we provide a service that is committed, flexible and conscientious. We are continually investing in our people, our machinery and our processes.

Our uncompromising commitment to maintaining the highest quality within every project allows us to deliver on time and within budget, meaning you can be guaranteed that your product and our service will exceed your expectations.

We believe in a collaborative working approach and honest partnerships which is why we can build strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers!


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